Sunday, September 03, 2006

Radioactive Bikini

Is that, perchance, a woman wearing a nuclear mushroom cloud as a bikini? Why yes, yes it is. I'll admit it, I just watched the uber scary "The Hills Have Eyes", and apart from my dissection of the stereotypical horror movie roles, you know, innapropriate sexual tension setting the stage for puritanical violent payback, female characters with nary a thoughtful line to their beautifully mussed heads, I thought, IS THIS POSSIBLE? How damaging is nuclear testing, anyway? Well, it turns out there was a test site in Nevada that seems to somewhat mirror the one in the movie, but it is by no means deserted; a "non-profit" group with benefactors such as Lockhead Martin runs the "museum". Even more disturbing, Bush wanted to test a new type of bomb at this very same facility a few short years ago, but luckily congress managed to screw up the cajones to turn him down. Anyhow, the lovely lady pictured above is a showgirl who earned the title "Miss A-Bomb" during the tourist attraction days of the testing site, back when Vegas rat pack wannabes could visit hotels with "mushroom cloud views." And as for the actual effects of the fallout? Thousands and thousands of cancer cases were paid out with settlements ranging up to $500,000 a pop. Boo!


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